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  • Cold bending machines are becoming increasingly important in various industries, ranging from automotive to construction. Xiamen Reliace Industry offers roll forming solutions for both the automotive industry and highway guardrail production. One Cold forming solutions is in the automotive industry, where we have experience in cold forming high-strength steel and designing roll forming lines
  • 1.What is decoiler machine? If you look at the beginning of a roofing roll production line, you can see an evitable part of roll forming machine to hold and safely pay off the steel strip. A decoiler, also call uncoiler, unwinds steel coil, which can be fed into continuously running machineries such as roll formers or automatic plunches. Decoiler machine is suitable for all kinds of coil material ...
  • Full auto shelving line/racking roll forming machine/Shelves Roll Forming Machines: Automatic shelf system forming line can produce shelf upright, shelf beam, shelf bracket, shelf panel and other products. The machine adopts PLC control,on-line punching, good hole precision, easy and quick installation. Used for the production of all kinds of light and heavy shelves, widely used in
  • What is the development prospect of solar photovoltaic bracket? In the overall environment, in the context of the global energy market supply shortage, the energy shortage is becoming more and more serious, and new energy sources such as wind and solar energy have broad prospects. With the improvement of photovoltaic technology, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is
  • How many types of electric seaming machine? There are three types of electric seaming machine/Standing Seam Metal Roof Seamer in our company. Price differ and function also not same. ▶Smart electric seaming machine. Standingseam profile joint seaming machine. Stronger and longer capacity. More electric seaming machines deatails click here..
  • In order to meet the needs of forming two sections on the limited site area, the double-layer roll forming machine has also been developed. A double-layer roll forming machine transforms between high or low racks to produce one profile roll mounted on a low rack and another profile roll mounted on a high rack.The production line has an unwinding machine and a cut-off press.If the
  • In the often Reliance roll forming machinery receive customer inquiries. What's the cost of rollformer machines? Generally, It device has a conventional standard machine, as well as special customized machines.We are based on the customer to provide the specific plate type and requirements to quote, according to the different requirements of customers can provide low-end quotation
  • Reliance roll formimg machine produced a series of products, it can be applied to steel structure, photovoltaic bracket, highway guardrail, shelf system, Bridges, rolling curtain door, floor bearing plate, etc., and according to the actual requirements of the user, the design and manufacturing of all kinds of complex non-standard cold bending units, the products also involve many industries,