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Roofing Sheet Curving Roll Forming Machine

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Roofing Sheet Curving Roll Forming Machine/Roofing Sheet Crimping Machine/Roofing Roll Forming Machine is work together with steel roofing sheet roll forming machines.


LEAD TIME:2~3Months

WAY OF PACKAGING:Nude place in container, machine body tightened with steel wire rope and base frame position fixed by heavy steel angle plate. Roller groups cover with waterproof cloth. Computer control system packed with plywood box. Tooling box and regular wearing parts packed with plywood box as well.

ADVANTAGE FEATURES:1.De-coiler storage steel coils and smoothly feeding into forming machine labor save operation. 2. Forming, Punching & cutting at any required length with pre-set quantity automatically. 3.The encoder will record signal feedback and showing exact length of product on display. 4.The total length of finished coil is able to calculate via control panel. 5.Steel rollers are fabricated by CNC precision machine and hard chrome coated. 6.Cutting blade material is Cr12/Cr12Mov (D2/D3) fabricated by CNC machine, heat treatment. 7. Hydraulic system will equip cooling system to keep low temperature during long time continuously in one day.


   Roofing Sheet Curving Roll Forming Machine/Roofing Sheet Crimping Machine/Roofing  Roll Forming Machine :

It can curve the flat roofing sheets into different angle/radius according to production need. The working process is control by PLC control system, once input relevant curving parameters, machine will working automatically. The curving pitch length and curving times both can program as per requirements. Machine also can turn to horizontal direction so as to curving long sheet roofings.

◆The machine technical details:

Auto feeding with servo motor 1000W, equipped with Encoder

Servo frequency control, feeding speed: 2-3 meter/min

Control the spacing of tooth crimp automatically, Min. Spacing: 25mm

Frequency speed control,

Control the spacing of tooth crimp automatically

The PLC Control System Combined with: PLC (Siemens), Touch Screen (Siemens), Encoder (Omron), etc

Hydraulic system to act pressing

Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5KW

This machine can work in two directions, horizontal or vertical

Curved Radius: Min 350mm

Curving die cassette design for future quick exchanging

◆Roofing Sheet Curving Roll Forming Machine:


◆Roofing Sheet Crimping Machine:


◆curving roofing: