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Standard Interchangeable CZ Machine

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Standard Interchangeable CZ Machine/ Cz Purlin Roll Forming Machine/Cz Combined Machine/Purlin Roll Forming Machine is a type roll forming machine combined with making c purlin and z purlin functions. From C section change to Z section process is manual and quickly operation. Both c purlin and Z purlin size variation are automatically via PLC control system.


LEAD TIME:2~3Months

WAY OF PACKAGING:Nude place in container, machine body tightened with steel wire rope and base frame position fixed by heavy steel angle plate. Roller groups cover with waterproof cloth. Computer control system packed with plywood box. Tooling box and regular wearing parts packed with plywood box as well.

ADVANTAGE FEATURES:1.De-coiler storage steel coils and smoothly feeding into forming machine labor save operation. 2. Forming, Punching & cutting at any required length with pre-set quantity automatically. 3.The encoder will record signal feedback and showing exact length of product on display. 4.The total length of finished coil is able to calculate via control panel. 5.Steel rollers are fabricated by CNC precision machine and hard chrome coated. 6.Cutting blade material is Cr12/Cr12Mov (D2/D3) fabricated by CNC machine, heat treatment. 7. Hydraulic system will equip cooling system to keep low temperature during long time continuously in one day.


Standard Interchangeable CZ Machine/ Cz Purlin Roll Forming Machine/Cz Combined Machine/Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

The machine can be design and made as per desired requirements. The pulin sheets can be fabricated from various material thicknesses and in almost any length. With highly punching accuracy, accurate dimension forming automatically and cut to length, the forming line are popular and widely used in PEB construction field.

Working Procedure:

Decoiling– Leveling– Feeding and Punching– Pre-shearing– Roll Forming Machine– Collecting

Technical Details:

Available produced purlin sizes:




Machine Specifications






Main machine color: Blue

Metal protect cover: Orange

Suitable Raw Material


Galvanized /HR/CR Mild Steel



Coil width


Yield strength


Main Technical Parameters

Forming roller station quantity

15 stations

Material of rollers

Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment

Diameter of shafts


Material of shafts

45﹟ casting steel

Line forming speed


Punching die material

Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment

Cutting die material

Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment

Control system

PLC(Siemens), Touch Screen(Siemens), Inverter (Schneider), Encoder(Omron)

Line power requirement

Main driven motor: 22KW

Size changing motor: 1*1.5KW, 2*0.75KW

Hydraulic Pack motor: 11KW

Main Components:

5Ton Uncoiler Rack

Manual expanding mandrel and impassive rotation

Work coil width: max 600mm

Pre-leveling & Pre-punching & Pre-cutting Device

The section firstly making the strip material flat before feeding into roll forming machine

Then punching and cutting process, cut to piece sheet going into roll forming process

Main roll forming machine:

Driven type: gear sprocket with chain connection

Stronger stand frame design with full mesh cover around main forming machine

PLC control cabinet

All international brand elements composited and qualified system

Production run out table

Handel forming sheets for packing

Special Features:

Quick C to Z interchange: The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantle any parts. The forming tooling is simply unclamped (two bolts), rotated through 180 degree, and re-tightened. No tooling or spacers are removed or changed. Quickly, Easier and Simple operation

Size change: The form tooling is unclamped, slid into the correct position by PLC control. No special tools, no spacer changed. Infinite sizes are possible.

Only input data in touch screen can adjust any size automatically, by motor driving stations moving accurately on linear guiderail with encoder.

Standard Interchangeable CZ Machine:


Z Purlin:


Packaging Photos: